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An educational sail training placement with The Ocean Adventure Academy is an amazing opportunity for your son or daughter to develop and become more independent.  You will of course have many questions about The Ocean Adventure Academy which we will try to answer.


After an expression of interest, the first thing is to obtain permission from both the School and parents for the young person to join OAA.  Our Educational Liaison Officer will then work with the school, the parents and young person to prepare for the placement on board.  This includes; arranging necessary permission from teachers, raising the funds, planning schoolwork to be completed on board, arranging necessary visa’s and travel arrangements and insurance.  Following this pre-placement planning, your son or daughter will join the ship and prepare for their 6 week adventure on board.  More information about life on board is included below.


The Ocean Adventure Academy placement is a unique programme, already successfully run in the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the USA.

The objectives of OAA:

  1. To provide a unique educational concept, encouraging independent and reflective learning.
  2. To create a safe, rich and varied learning environment in which students are eager to explore and discover through hands-on experiences.
  3. To encourage personal development and build skills in communication, leadership, teamwork and resilience
  4. To convey a sense of adventure, encouraging the students to challenge themselves and push their boundaries.

During six days a week, all pupils do self-study for 4 hours.  The student is responsible for his/her own learning process. Our teachers are available during the self-study to help with questions and problems encountered by students during their schoolwork. In the afternoon, central classes are given, excursions are made and the students receive sail training sessions. Once a week there are mentor meetings to discuss the progress of the learning outcomes per student and to adjust if necessary. In addition, the mentor also pays attention to the learning objectives and the personal development of the student in the mentor interviews.


Blue Clipper is sailed by a professional crew who will support the students during their placement on board.   There will be the skipper, 1st mate, 1st engineer, cook and a number of sailors who will be there to make sure the boat is safe and in tip-top condition.

Alongside the sailing crew will be the pastoral and teaching crew.  There is the Education Programme manager, who will oversee the programme on board.  There will be 2 teachers and 2 additional youth mentors who will be there to ensure your son or daughter has an amazing experience.


TS Blue Clipper is registered in Jersey and meets all the requirements of the MCA Large Yacht Code.  We carry all the required life-saving appliances in accordance with SOLAS requirements.  When on deck, all students will wear lifejackets and are provided with waterproofs.  Full safety briefs are provided and regular emergency drills carried out to ensure the safety of the vessel and everybody on board.  We also have satellite communication so can be in contact from anywhere in the world.


You will organise personal travel insurance for your child during this placement. We can provide advise on insurance companies that provide travel insurance cover that includes sailing on a tall ship.  During the voyage, your child is additionally covered through the P & I insurance of Maybe Sailing.


You can track the progress of the voyage on Blue Clipper through our Yellow Brick Tracker that we carry on board.  See exactly where the ship is and read the ship’s blog with information and usually a daily photo from the vessel.



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