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If one of your students wants to join OAA, you obviously want to know more about the educational program and how we work together with your school.



Our Educational Liaison Officer will discuss with and set agreements with department leaders and mentors to give the student a good learning experience. We sail with qualified teachers and the students follow the program of their own school with the aid of planners. Pronounced permission from the school is necessary for participation of a student on one of our trips.



Our teaching team consists of trained teachers in secondary education. The teachers can place exact subjects in the context of the world of today and the ship and transfer their enthusiasm for science and technology and geography to the pupils.




The pupils are sent a plan of approach (study guide) six weeks before departure to work with their teachers to make a study planner for 5-6 weeks. The students send their plan of approach to the Education Liaison Officer at least two weeks before departure.

From 4 weeks before the start of the trip, the OAA Education Liaison Officer will contact the school, requesting that the student be able to fill in his or her plan of action and prepare and provide the tests.




During six days a week, all pupils do self-study for 4 hours.  The student is responsible for his/her own learning process. Our teachers are available during the self-study to help with questions and problems encountered by students during their schoolwork. In the afternoon, central classes are given, excursions are made and the students receive sail training sessions. Once a week there are mentor meetings to discuss the progress of the learning outcomes per student and to adjust if necessary. In addition, the mentor also pays attention to the learning objectives and the personal development of the student in the mentor interviews.



We recommend that 5-6 tests are taken. If the test papers are included in a densely stapled envelope, the tests can be taken on board. Tests are usually taken once a week, this happens under the supervision of teachers. The date on which the test is administered does not have to be the same as at school, there is a time difference and if he / she is seasick, it does not work. We do not have an internet connection on the ocean, so a student can not have contact with classmates.




Every day, ship’s lessons are delivered. These are in line with the student’s curriculum, but also on the journey. Blue Clipper is our classroom! The lessons cover topics from the four science subjects and are broadening and sometimes deepening. Preferably the coherence between the natural science subjects is made visible. It is very nice to tell students something about topics they do not get directly at school, such as meteorology, astronomy, astronavigation, ecology and plastic waste in the ocean. In this way there are countless possibilities to inspire pupils in the field of science and technology and geography.

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