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History OF The Blue Clipper

Tall Ship Blue Clipper was built in 1991 at Feab Marstrandsverken in Sweden. She was owned by the famous Brandy company Hennessy and named ‘Spirit of Hennessey.’ In 1872, the ship Alfred brought the first load of Cognac from France to Shanghai. In 1992, with the same name and painted white, Tall Ship Blue Clipper repeated this historic voyage. She has appeared in various TV programmes and TV commercials including the Trade Winds TV series starring Hugh Johnson. Following this, she went into private ownership and sailed in Mediterranean waters under a Maltese flag.

Maybe Sailing acquired the ship in 2016. After an extensive maintenance period the ship sailed to London to begin a 5 month tall ship Regatta, the 2017 Rendez-Vous. The ship was one of only four vessels to complete the whole race, travelling over 10,000 nautical miles visiting Portugal, the Canaries, Bermuda, USA, Canada and France. This Regatta was to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Canadian Federation. It was an extremely successful regatta for Blue Clipper and her crew, placing either 1st or 2nd in four of the five race legs.

2018 marked a new chapter for the vessel, as she was repainted Blue and travelled North once more to visit the Arctic before heading to the Caribbean for some winter sunshine.

2019 sees Blue Clipper returning to the UK, heading up to Iceland before crossing the North Sea to spend the summer in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, participating in the International Tall Ship Races and exploring the Kattergat and Skagerrak.

About the ship

Blue Clipper is a three masted gaff rig schooner. This means that the sails are rigged to run from forward to aft along the length of the ship. There are 10 sails, with an area of 675m2. She has a steel hull and teak deck, steel masts and wooden booms/topmasts.

Below deck Blue Clipper has three main compartments. Furthest forward is the forepeak, with 4 trainee berths and 2 crew bunks. In midships we have the guest accommodation with 7 twin ensuite cabins.  Furthest aft there is the crew quarters, with 4 twin cabins and shared bathroom. The engine room and lazarette are also located at the aft of the ship. At full capacity the ship can accommodate 28 people. The deckhouses are home to the galley, the saloon and the wheelhouse.

The ship usually sails with 8 crew, made up of experienced permanent crew and eager volunteers, wanting to put their sailing knowledge and experience to good use.


All meals are served in the saloon, and are included in the voyage cost.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served and voyage crew will be able to help the cook on board produce delicious meals for their fellow crew mates.


There is the opportunity to purchase alcoholic and fizzy drinks from the bar during meal times, at anchor and when the vessel is alongside in port.

Payments for drinks is done via a TAB system, which can be prepaid by purchasing a drinks voucher at the time of booking or can be paid in cash or by card at the end of your voyage.

Please bear in mind that alcohol can affect stability and judgement, and exercise extreme cautions when moving around the ship after drinking. Each person is aware of their limits, and while we wish you to enjoy your time on board Blue Clipper it is extremely important not to endanger the safety of yourself or your crew mates through excessive drinking.

When taking part in a watch, please remember that you will be the eyes and ears of the ship and refrain from drinking in the four hours leading up to your watch time and while you are on watch. It is not possible to climb the rig after consuming alcohol.


We have some great clothing items to purchase as a souvenir of your time with Blue Clipper. This can be purchased at the time of booking or you can purchase on board and pay for at the end of your voyage.


We are able to do laundry on longer passages, depending on the sea conditions. If you would like to do laundry on board please speak to the hospitality manager or stewardess on board. The fee for laundry service is £5 per load. Please note that Maybe Sailing does not accept liability for damage to clothing caused by this service.

Voyages on Blue Clipper

Upcoming Itineraries

Atlantic Crossing – Follow The Trade Winds
Ocean Crossings
11 Apr '20 5 May '20 St George’s, BermudaHorta, AzoresBlue ClipperBook Now
The Azores to Portugal
Ocean Crossings
7 May '20 18 May '20 Horta, AzoresPortimão, PortugalBlue ClipperBook Now
European Escapes
20 May '20 28 May '20 Portimão, PortugalPortimão, PortugalBlue ClipperBook Now
Portuguese Coast 3 day sail
European Escapes
29 May '20 31 May '20 Portimão, PortugalVigo (Baiona), SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
Discover the Cies Islands of Galicia
European Escapes
9 Jun '20 15 Jun '20 Vigo (Baiona), SpainVigo (Baiona), SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
Sailing around Ria de Vigo
European Escapes
17 Jun '20 23 Jun '20 Vigo (Baiona), SpainVigo (Baiona), SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
Discover secrets of the Portguguese Coast
European Escapes
25 Jun '20 1 Jul '20 Vigo (Baiona), SpainLisbon, PortugalBlue ClipperBook Now
International Tall Ship Race 1 2020
Tall Ship Races & Regattas
4 Jul '20 11 Jul '20 Lisbon, PortugalCadiz, SpainBlue ClipperFully Booked
International Tall Ships Race 2 and Cruise in Company Combo 2020
Tall Ship Races & Regattas
11 Jul '20 26 Jul '20 Cadiz, SpainA Coruna, SpainBlue ClipperFully Booked
International Tall Ship Races 2020. Race 2
Tall Ship Races & Regattas
11 Jul '20 18 Jul '20 Cadiz, SpainSines, PortugalBlue ClipperFully Booked
International Tall Ships Races Cruise in Company 2020.
Tall Ship Races & Regattas
18 Jul '20 26 Jul '20 Sines, PortugalA Coruna, SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
International Tall Ships Race 3 2020.
Tall Ship Races & Regattas
26 Jul '20 8 Aug '20 A Coruna, SpainDunkirk, FranceBlue ClipperFully Booked
Dunkirk to London 2 day sailing experience
Short Breaks
9 Aug '20 10 Aug '20 Dunkirk, FranceLondonBlue ClipperBook Now
Mayflower Mini Atlantic Voyage 2020
Ocean Crossings
11 Aug '20 12 Sep '20 LondonPlymouth, UKBlue ClipperFully Booked
Voyage to the Atlantic Islands
European Escapes
15 Sep '20 23 Sep '20 Plymouth, UKVigo (Baiona), SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
The Atlantic Islands
European Escapes
25 Sep '20 1 Oct '20 Vigo (Baiona), SpainVigo (Baiona), SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
Explore the Galician Coast
European Escapes
3 Oct '20 8 Oct '20 Vigo (Baiona), SpainVigo (Baiona), SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
Atlantic Islands Adventure
European Escapes
10 Oct '20 16 Oct '20 Vigo (Baiona), SpainVigo (Baiona), SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
Portugal Coastal Sailing
European Escapes
17 Oct '20 23 Oct '20 Vigo (Baiona), SpainPortimão, PortugalBlue ClipperBook Now
European Escapes
24 Oct '20 13 Nov '20 Portimão, PortugalPortimão, PortugalBlue ClipperBook Now
Offshore Sailing Adventure
European Escapes
14 Nov '20 20 Nov '20 Portimão, PortugalLas Palmas, Canary IslandsBlue ClipperBook Now
Atlantic Crossing
Ocean Crossings
21 Nov '20 22 Dec '20 Las Palmas, Canary IslandsSt George’s, GrenadaBlue ClipperBook Now
Caribbean Explorer
Caribbean Sun
29 Dec '20 9 Jan '21 St George’s, GrenadaSt George’s, GrenadaBlue ClipperBook Now
Islands in the Sun
Caribbean Sun
12 Jan '21 23 Jan '21 St George’s, GrenadaSt George’s, GrenadaBlue ClipperBook Now
Caribbean Discovery
Caribbean Sun
26 Jan '21 6 Feb '21 St George’s, GrenadaSt George’s, GrenadaBlue ClipperBook Now
There are no voyages based on the filters selected.

I had an amazing time sailing on Blue Clipper. It was great to meet new people from all over the world and learn something new whilst being on holiday! The crew was fantastic and incredibly patient, knowledgeable and fun to be around! The food was fantastic and cooked by two very talented girls! It was a great experience and hopefully, I will be back soon to join another trip.


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