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TS Maybe has a rather famous history, built in 1929 and owned by Jan Jacob Van Rietschoten, father of the flying Dutchman, Cornelis ‘Conny’ Van Rietschoten, the only skipper to win the Whitbread Round the World Race twice. In the hands of the Rietschoten family, TS Maybe spent many years sailing around the world.

A major milestone in Maybe’s history is that she took part in the first ever International Tall Ships Race in 1956. She is now one of the few boats that took part in that first race to still be competing in the International Tall Ship Races. A real claim to fame!

In 1962, TS Maybe was bought by the Swiss family Hans Fehr, who were experienced sailors and enjoyed sailing in warmer climates. She sailed mainly around the Mediterranean and in the 1970s regularly crossed the Atlantic between the West Indies and the Mediterranean. IN the 1980s she also sailed through the Panama Canal and up the East coast of the USA to Canada.

Tall ship Maybe was sold to her present owners in 1989 and underwent another complete restoration retuning to sailing in 2007. She returned to the International Tall Ship Races in the Baltics in 2009. In 2011, TS Maybe was restored to her original gaff rig.


TS Maybe is a gaff ketch. This means that the sails are four cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at it’s peak by a spar (pole) called the gaff. The distinguishing characteristic of a Ketch is that the forward of the two masts (the mainmast) is larger than the after mast (mizzen). TS Maybe has 7 sails.

The ship is 24m in length overall, and the height of the main mast is 25m. TS Maybe is a strong sea worthy vessel build with extra strength by using steel frames, a hardwood hull and teak decking.

Below deck TS Maybe has three main areas. The furthest forward is the forepeak, where there is a 6-berth cabin and shower room. In the midships area are the galley, saloon, 4 further cabins and another shower room. Furthest aft is the ‘dog house’. This is where 2 crew members sleep along with all the navigations and radio equipment and the engine room.

TS Maybe sails with a total of 14 trainees and 4 crew members. All crew are experienced in their relevant field and are here to make sure you have a safe and fantastic time during your voyage.


All meals are prepared fresh on board and you will be involved at some point during your voyage in the galley watch. This will mean your watch team will be responsible for preparing either breakfast, lunch, or dinner for everyone on board.  Please let us know of any dietary requirements before you join the boat so we can try to accommodate your requirements.


All the cabins have bunks and a space to store your personal gear. You will be sharing a cabin with up to 5 other people depending on which cabin you are in so it is important to keep your personal space clean and tidy. We provide sheets and pillows for your bunk. You will need to bring a sleeping bag. Please take care when we are at sea to properly stow all items in your cabin. Even the smallest item can cause injury, or become damaged. All cabins have a sink and have a radiator to keep your cabin warm on those colder days and nights.

There are UK plug sockets in all the cabins. We ask that you do not leave items charging or plugged in when you are not in the cabin as this causes a fire risk.


We are very fortunate to have a sophisticated electric pump toilet system on board. To ensure that this is kept operational please only place the toilet paper in the toilet. Any other waste should be placed in the bins in the bathrooms, which are emptied daily.


There are strict regulations on disposing of items into our oceans and seas. Maybe sailing is committed to respecting these regulations, and being considerate to the beautiful marine environment we are lucky enough to explore. Please do not throw anything over the side of the ship. There are bins in cabins, bathrooms and in communal areas. We recycle too so please ensure your rubbish goes into the right correct bins.


We have some great clothing items to purchase as a souvenir of your time with TS Maybe. This can be purchased at the time of booking or you can purchase on board and pay for at the end of your voyage.

Voyages on TS Maybe

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Channel Islands and Devon Coast
UK and Scotland
17 May '21 24 May '21 Brixham, UKBrixham, UKMaybeBook Now
Devon to Cornwall Sailing
UK and Scotland
25 May '21 27 May '21 Brixham, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Tall Ship Sailing in Cornwall Bank Holiday
UK and Scotland
28 May '21 31 May '21 Falmouth, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
UK and Scotland
3 Jun '21 9 Jun '21 Falmouth, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Falmouth Classics and Cornwall Sailing
UK and Scotland
11 Jun '21 17 Jun '21 Falmouth, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
UK and Scotland
24 Jun '21 30 Jun '21 Penzance, UKPenzance, UKMaybeBook Now
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
UK and Scotland
4 Jul '21 10 Jul '21 Penzance, UKPenzance, UKMaybeBook Now
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
UK and Scotland
13 Jul '21 20 Jul '21 Penzance, UKPenzance, UKMaybeBook Now
Tall Ship Sailing Cornwall
UK and Scotland
24 Jul '21 30 Jul '21 Falmouth, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Tall Ship Sailing Cornwall
UK and Scotland
1 Aug '21 7 Aug '21 Falmouth, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Tall Ship Sailing Cornwall
UK and Scotland
9 Aug '21 13 Aug '21 Falmouth, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
International Tall Ship Race 1
Youth Voyages and Tall Ship Races
18 Aug '21 28 Aug '21 Falmouth, UKA Coruna, SpainMaybeFully Booked
International Tall Ship Race Cruise in Company 2021
Youth Voyages and Tall Ship Races
28 Aug '21 4 Sep '21 A Coruna, SpainLisbon, PortugalMaybeBook Now
International Tall Ship Race 2 2021
Youth Voyages and Tall Ship Races
4 Sep '21 11 Sep '21 Lisbon, PortugalCadiz, SpainMaybeBook Now
Gems of the Iberian Coast
European Escapes
13 Sep '21 20 Sep '21 Cadiz, SpainPortimão, PortugalMaybeBook Now
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Had a great time upon the maybe boat, trip of a lifetime that I shall never forget! Big thanks to all the crew members and for looking after us so well and teaching us so much!! And all the trainees for making it such a memorable trip! Highly recommend to all.

Rodney M.

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