Iceland, Faroes and Norway

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A voyage in the waters of Iceland and the Faroes is not one you merely take to reach your destination but one to savour in itself; giving you time to remove yourself from those urban cobwebs and revitalise the mind. The seascape is both rich and expansive, where one can marvel as colossal whales breach beside the vessel and wonder at the vast array of beautiful bird life swooping through the skies. Experience the midnight sun, frozen icepacks and wilderness as you have never seen it before.

Iceland, Faroes and Norway sailing adventures

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A Viking Saga
Iceland, Faroes and Norway
10 Jun '19 23 Jun '19 Ullapool, ScotlandIsafjord, IcelandBlue ClipperBook Now
Voyage of the Islands
Iceland, Faroes and Norway
25 Jun '19 6 Jul '19 Isafjord, IcelandAberdeen, UKBlue ClipperBook Now
Scandinavian Explorer
Iceland, Faroes and Norway
4 Aug '19 17 Aug '19 Aarhus, DenmarkStavanger, NorwayBlue ClipperBook Now
The Norwegian Fjords Adventure
Iceland, Faroes and Norway
19 Aug '19 31 Aug '19 Stavanger, NorwayStavanger, NorwayBlue ClipperBook Now
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