Ocean Crossings

Longer Voyages For The Ambitious Sailor

Have you ever dreamed of crossing the Atlantic?

These longer voyages are ideal adventure sailing holidays for the ambitious sailor, world traveller or determined romantic. Some love the physical challenge of being hands on crew, others muck in but their real passion might be ocean bird spotting or just finding time for themselves. Crossing an ocean under sail is sure to be a dream for many. It is a voyage of discovery. Not only will you discover everything you need to know about sailing a traditional tall ship…you will discover a great deal about yourself.

Ocean Crossings

Upcoming Voyages

Ocean Mile Builder
Ocean Crossings
21 Feb '21 14 Mar '21 Portimão, PortugalLiverpool, UKBlue ClipperBook Now
Voyage across Biscay
Ocean Crossings
2 Mar '21 14 Mar '21 Camarinhas, SpainLiverpool, UKBlue ClipperBook Now
Adventure Across Biscay
Ocean Crossings
13 Mar '21 24 Mar '21 Camarinhas, SpainCork, IrelandMaybeBook Now
Voyage to the Atlantic Islands
Ocean Crossings
25 Sep '21 5 Oct '21 Weymouth, UKCamarinhas, SpainBlue ClipperBook Now
Ocean Mile Builder 2
Ocean Crossings
25 Sep '21 17 Oct '21 Weymouth, UKPortimão, PortugalBlue ClipperBook Now
There are no voyages based on the filters selected.

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