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DISCOVER the uk’s beautiful coastal landscapes

If you fancy exploring the fantastic coastal areas of the UK and Ireland then take a look our UK and Irish voyages. From the majestic coastal landscapes of Southern Ireland to the rugged wilderness of the West coast of Scotland, there are voyages to accommodate all budgets and timescales. 

UK Sailing Holidays

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Hands On Sailing Experience Taster Voyage 3
UK and Ireland
24 Apr '20 26 Apr '20 Belfast, Northern IrelandBelfast, Northern IrelandMaybeBook Now
Hands On Sailing Experience Taster Voyage 4
UK and Ireland
30 Apr '20 3 May '20 Belfast, Northern IrelandOban, ScotlandMaybeBook Now
Highland Wellness Retreat
UK and Ireland
4 May '20 8 May '20 Oban, ScotlandOban, ScotlandMaybeBook Now
Voyage to the Islands at the edge of the world
UK and Ireland
9 May '20 17 May '20 Oban, ScotlandMallaig, ScotlandMaybeBook Now
Highlands Islands and the Wonders of the Western Isles
UK and Ireland
18 May '20 26 May '20 Mallaig, ScotlandOban, ScotlandMaybeBook Now
Inner Hebrides Sailing Experience
UK and Ireland
26 May '20 28 May '20 Oban, ScotlandGreenock, UKMaybeBook Now
The Irish Sea Explorer
UK and Ireland
19 Jun '20 24 Jun '20 Greenock, UKFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Sail the Irish Sea
UK and Ireland
31 Aug '20 6 Sep '20 Belfast, Northern IrelandFalmouth, UKMaybeBook Now
Highlands and Islands of North West Coast of Scotland 2021
UK and Ireland
24 May '21 9 Jun '21 Liverpool, UKAberdeen, UKBlue ClipperBook Now
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