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Protecting Our Environment

Our Commitment To Protect the environment

Our Oceans and Seas are precious and protecting the marine environment is important to us. For this reason, Maybe Sailing is a member of the Blue Flag Scheme. It is known as the ‘Sail Training International Blue Flag Scheme’ and is a collaboration between Sail Training International and The Foundation for Environmental Education’s (FEE). The FEE Blue Flag scheme was introduced many years ago, initially to promote clean beaches and marinas. More recently the FEE extended the scheme to include boat owners. Environmental agencies and organisations around the world promote the Blue Flag scheme.

Under the Blue Flag Scheme Maybe Sailing follows a code of conduct on board our vessels:
  • We will not throw garbage into the sea or along the coast. (Vessels undertaking a long passage and needing to dispose of some bio waste appropriately will need to attach their waste management plan for approval by FEE).
  • We will not discharge black water (sewage) holding tanks in coastal waters, sensitive sea areas or harbours.
  • We will arrange to discharge my black water tanks in the reception facilities provided by the port authority or marina. (Only applicable for vessels with holding tanks).
  • We will not release toilet water in the sea in near coastal waters and sensitive areas. (Only applicable for vessels without holding tanks).
  • We will not release poisonous or toxic waste (oil, paint, used batteries, cleaning agents, etc) in the sea. We will deliver these types of waste to the containers at the appropriate reception facilities provided by the port authority or marina.
  • We will undertake and promote recycling and the use of recycling facilities.
  • We will use the most environmentally friendly products among paints, anti-foulings, paint remover, detergents, etc, that are available and work efficiently.
  • We will report pollution or other violations of environmental regulations to the appropriate authorities.
  • We will not engage in forbidden fishing practices and we will respect time periods when fishing is prohibited.
  • We will protect animals and plants in the sea, including not disturbing breeding birds, seals or other marine animals.
  • We will respect vulnerable and protected areas.
  • We will avoid damage of the sea bottom.
  • We will avoid disturbing fishing activities or fishing gear.
  • We will not buy or use objects made from protected species or from archaeological underwater findings.
  • We will encourage other sailors also to take care of the environment.

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