Youth Voyages and Tall Ship Races

Unforgettable Sailing Experiences For Youth

Youth Voyages AND tALL sHIP rACES

We strongly believe in the benefits sail training has as a role in youth development. Our aim is to provide many young people, aged 25 years old and under, with an unforgettable sailing experience where they can develop valuable life skills.


Every year Sail Training International organise the Tall Ship Races and Tall Ship Regattas. Nothing can quite prepare you for the unforgettable atmosphere of racing. Picture yourself sailing on a beautiful tall ship, miles out at sea, with the waves crashing against the hull, no land in sight, the sun rising behind you, and your closest competitor hot on your heels. 

Once you arrive in port the festivities begin with a spectacular opening ceremony. Then there is the crew parade and prize-giving, crew party, cultural activities and sporting activities competing against the crews from the other tall ships.

Youth Voyages and Tall Ship Races

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