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Fern P – TS Maybe – September 2019

I had an incredible 10 days sailing on Maybe – it really has been an adventure of a lifetime! Some of the memories I’ll treasure most are swimming to shore from the ship, watching the dolphins play in the waves off the ship, seeing the amazing phosphorescence in the sea at night along with star gazing while on watch and the incredible sunset!

The crew were really friendly and very professional. All of the processes and safety procedures were explained clearly making me feel like I was in safe hands. The crew also had amazing patience teaching me the ropes – I’m a complete novice, but was happy to get stuck in whenever I could help. I learned a lot – still practicing all the knots I was taught on watch – and it has given me the confidence to go out and try new things more often.

Erica P – TS Maybe – August 2019

I would recommend anyone to try sailing. I’ve just left the ship and wow what an experience it has been. I have learned so much about myself and leave the ship way more confident that what I started. I laughed non stop for ten days. Thank you maybe for having me.

Ludo – TS Blue Clipper – April 2019

Over the first couple of days we got to go out onto the bowsprit with a member of the crew. It was wonderful to sit there and watch the sea stretch for miles ahead, and see the whole boat behind us. The best bit came a few days later when I got to go out on the bowsprit again but this time to help bring down some sails. The seas were a little choppier this time round, but wrestling the jibs against the winds was truly exhilarating!


Unfortunately I got a little seasick one of the nights. I think it couldn’t be avoided, and soon learned that sleeping through it can be really helpful. Vomiting on deck also helped… This didn’t ruin the trip though! It was really the only low-light.


I sailed this time because I never had and wanted to try something new. When I was 11 I had read Swallows and Amazons and had become a little obsessed with the idea of sailing, but I couldn’t sail then. So part of me wanted to give my 11 year old self a gift! I will be sailing more now that I’ve experienced it. In particular I enjoyed the large amounts of learning on board the vessel. I loved learning about knots, the weather, the stars, course plotting, the different lines and sails. I also like the idea of visiting remote islands, and sailing seems like a good way to do that over the next couple of years. Visiting the Pacific Islands would be particularly exciting!

Rosemarie Clifton – TS Blue Clipper – February 2019

Greeted by the friendly crew and skipper Grace in their Blue clipper outfits.

Set the scene for what was a really enjoyable trip. Highlights included snorkeling at Ansa de Colombier (St Barts), drinking sundowners on Isle des Saintes and visit to the delightful underdeveloped island of Marie Galante with run distilleries, the 19th century noe-classical Chateau Murat-former plantation and wonderful beaches. Sailing by moonlight, climbing the rigging and learning the knots. Thanks for your encouragement and patience crew.

Graeme C – TS Blue Clipper – November 2018

Trip of a lifetime to Svarlbad finishing in Tromso. The crew and skipper were very welcoming and showed total professionalism throughout the voyage. The boat the “Blue Clipper” was fantastic and the levels of comfort, food and accommodation cannot be faulted. I would not hesitate to do it again.

Graeme – TS Blue Clipper – July 2018

Trip of a lifetime to Svarlbad finishing in Tromso. The crew and skipper were very welcoming and showed total professionalism throughout the voyage. The boat the “Blue Clipper” was fantastic and the levels of comfort, food and accommodation cannot be faulted. I would not hesitate to do it again.

Siobhan- TS Maybe – September 2018

Best holiday and birthday ever. An intense experience with strangers who become like family. Pure uncomplicated adventure. Will be booking another trip with Maybe Sailing.

Cecile Hauvette – TS Maybe – October 2018

I just took the RYA Competent Crew course onboard Maybe and had a hell of a good time! Thanks to a brilliant, funny, knowledgeable and very patient crew, I learned a ton and had a lot of fun (though not much sleep!) I’m very much looking forward to go back sailing on Maybe (next trip already booked!) – Thank you again and see you very soon!

Briana Chapman – TS Blue Clipper – August 2018

life changing experience, beyond my expectations

I had an awesome time with Blue Clipper and her crew. They are professional, and they taught me so much about life and about sailing. I am definitely taking lessons back to my sailing life as well as my personal and professional life. 🙂

The Blue Clipper is a spectacular boat, truly luxurious and I felt comfortable and completely safe the entire time. The crew helped me to experience once in a lifetime experiences like climbing the rig, the bowsprit, etc. and feel like a true pirate while still observing safety as a top priority.

The captain and first mate did an incredible job of letting us know what is happening and why; they told us daily where we are, where we’re going, how long it will take to get there, and what weather and wildlife we are likely to encounter along the way.

The hospitality was out of this world. I truly felt cared-for. Once, my dad and I were going out for a hike. We had no expectation that food would be provided for us, and planned to pick up sandwiches in town on the way out. Katie, hospitality manager, realized that we did not have food and the team packed us a beautiful lunch on the way out the door.

I whole-heartedly recommend this experience. Go into it with an open mind, and embrace the adventure. You will have an amazing time, and learn so much more than sailing.

Nick Durrant – TS Maybe – September 2018

Had this trip booked for me for my fiftieth birthday by my partner. Have never sailed before in any form or shape. Some of my friends questioned the gift and wondered if my partner didn’t like me very much or just wanted to get rid of me for a few days. I was a little apprehensive myself. The trip was amazing. It was enjoyable and challenging in equal measures and an experience i will never forget. Some of the highlights included steering by moonlight, being surrounded by dolphins, sitting astride the bowsprit at 3.00 in the morning, having weird dreams and listening to the many brilliant and funny stories the crew shared with us. Some of the challenges included gybing the sails at 5.00am, remembering everyone’s tea or coffee order and then being able to make it with the boat rocking like Elvis and eating breakfast whilst the contents of the kitchen cascade around you. All of it – brilliant fun. Of course it would not of been the trip it was without my fellow rookies and a superb crew and skipper. Many thanks to them all for making it such a memorable experience. Good Luck TS Maybe in all of your future races – i shall be keeping track of your success’s.

Bill Chapman – TS Blue Clipper – August 2018

Just finished an awesome sailing adventure onboard Blue Clipper. My daughter and I had a blast. The crew were professional and fun and encouraged us to be involved as much as we were comfortable in the operation of the ship. The ship was beautiful and comfortable and the meals by our cook Chris were outstanding. The scenery along the north coast of Norway was breathtaking and the places we stopped along the way ranged from rugged hikes along the coastal mountains and beaches to fascinating towns and anchorages. The weather was damp and cool most of the time, but the warmth of the crew and other passengers more than compensated for it. We learned a lot about sailing and the local wildlife and geography from the crew. Can’t wait to sail on a Maybe Sailing ship adventure again as soon as I can.

Nadia Barabash – TS Maybe – July 2018

I took part in the Tall Ships Race from Norway to Holland on Maybe and had the most amazing time. I was super seasick for two days but the crew looked after me and were so kind and fun that I barely noticed I was ill. It was a shame the race was cut short due to unfavorable weather, but that is not the companies fault, and the crew made sure we sailed as long as we could and kept us busy and occupied when we were under motor.
I couldn’t believe the two watch leaders were only my age, they were so competent and professional – big shout out to Dave and Inge! Titch (1st mate) and Meg (skipper) were also wonderful, and we had a lot of laughs as a crew. I’m already planning my next trip with Maybe as I can’t wait to get back out to sea!

Patricia Wakeford – Tall Ship Blue Clipper August 2018

As a grandmother in her late seventies I was a little apprehensive about taking on the trip on Blue Clipper from Svalbard to Tromso. I need not have worried. All the crew, led by Captain Chris, were very helpful and looked after me wonderfully. I would particularly like to thank Chris in the galley for all the wonderful meals. He is an unsung hero. We were extremely fortunate to see a polar bear, walruses, whales, porpoise and dolphins, not to mention the bird life, and we had enough sailing to turn us into useful members of the crew. The scenery was stark but stunning and we too were involved with the plastic research. I look forward, Meret, to hearing the results. Please pass on my thanks to out watch leader, Dom, and all the crew for a wonderful trip which my granddaughter Emma and I both enjoyed.

Layna – TS Maybe – July 2018

Sailing on Maybe beat all expectations! This wasn’t my first tall ships race, but it was definitely the most memorable. I’ve had the best two weeks ever, and I’m already planing to sail with Maybe again in the near future.
The crew on Maybe were absolutely fantastic, and I’m extremely grateful for everything they have done. They are such caring, friendly people who have inspired me in so many ways. I have learnt so much this voyage, and it’s because of them.
I definitely recommend Maybe Sailing, you can also expect a warm welcome, and by the end the week you will be a pro tacking team!!!
Thanks again and Love you guys!

Archie – TS Maybe – July 2018

Had the most amazing week of my life onboard TS Maybe. The crew were fantastic and incredibly friendly, their knowledge of the boat was endless and they were especially good at teaching all of us how to sail her within an afternoon. They all had a lot to deal with, including seasickness which was made worse by the fact that most of the trainees had never sailed before. However, they were all very professional and unbelievably happy throughout the trip. Some members of the trainee crew had never been away from home for that long before and found it very hard at the start, yet by the end of the week they were the happiest they had ever been in their lives and credited that largely to the friendliness of the crew, and the homely atmosphere around the boat. We had a great race and earned a respectable position in our class and overall, followed by a fantastic crew parade and lots of partying in Esbjerg. There were lots of tears shed at the end of the trip, and every member of the trainee crew left a changed person. This was truly the most amazing experience of my life, and I have been taught so much along the way, including how to sail a 1930s boat, the importance of cleaning the ocean of plastic, and much more about the environment. The tall ships race wouldn’t have been the same on any other boat!

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