Blue Clipper Traineeship 2, BC010623

Application Form BC010623

  • (as it appears on your passport)
  • Town and country
  • Passport Details

    If you are travelling on a voyage outside of the UK or you are travelling on a UK voyage and not a UK resident, please provide your passport information below.
  • (DD-MM-YYYY)
  • (DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Emergency Contact Details

    Please provide contact details of somebody not travelling with you who can be contacted in case of an emergency. If you are under 18 this must be a parent or guardian.
  • Health and Medical Information

    It is your responsibility to make known any medical conditions that may affect you during the activities associated with the voyage you will be taking part in. Please provide as many details as possible. This information will be kept confidential and shared only by the head office staff with senior officers on board the vessel.
    If you answered NO, please contact us at for booking approval.
  • Dietary Requirements

  • Declaration

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