Pelle Fagerlund

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Johanna Fagerlund – Obituary

It is with great sadness that we write these words:

Pelle Fagerlund, passed away peacefully on the 20th August 2020 at his summer residence Oland Sweden. It would have been his 81st birthday on the 5th of September. He was a well known Naval Architect in Sweden and was the main instigator in the design and build of Blue Clipper.

Pelle took great care in the design of the boat particularly in the hull shape to attain best speed. He then together with a group of friends and colleagues undertook the build of the ship. The keel was laid in 1991.

Blue Clipper was acquired by Maybe Sailing in 2016. Almost immediatel contact was made with Pelle for advice and drawings etc. He always gave help and advice on the many questions we asked and he was always eager to help.

Blue Clipper had been laid up for several years and Pelle was delighted to see her sailing the oceans again. We were pleased to say last summer Pelle had the opportunity to take the helm again on a sail out of Gothenburg.

Blue Clipper has lost its naval architect, but Pelle will always be in our thoughts whilst we are privileged to sail on such a great ship.


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